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    Welcome to HC Project Home Page!

    What do you want to discover today?

    herabuna 2.1.1 Now released!


    [5/30/2001] FLAIRS 2001 paper now available.

    [4/16/2001] Some HC sample programs have been prepared in docs.

    [4/4/2001] We've fixed a Makefile error, and released as herabuna 2.1.1.

    What is HC?

    HYPOTHESISCREATOR is an object oriented class library written in C++, designed to facilitate the process of scientific knowledge discovery.

    It is based on the concept called viewscope - a way of looking at things, which is a generalized form of attribute. Viewscopes enable the seamless integration of existing knowledge from various databases, new attributes, and even hypotheses reflecting an expert's ideas. These are key factors in the KDD process.

    Current Status

    herabuna 2.1.x has been released. However, we do not have documentation for the details about how to use, or how to write your own programming using HC yet.

    Feed Back

    PLEASE GIVE US FEEDBACK! We need feedback from users to make HC a great system. Bug reports, suggestions, etc. are always welcome.

    Core Developers

    Yoshinori Tamada, Hideo Bannai, Osamu Maruyama, Satoru Miyano.


    Takao Goto, Hirotaka Katou, Kentaro Kawamoto, Hideo Miyake, Kaori Samuraki

    Copyright (C) 2000 2001 by Laboratory of DNA Information Analysis @ Human Genome Center, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo
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